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Video :: Man Up and Quit Complaining About VC Prices!

Posted by Streex on June 4, 2014 at 12:40 AM

This guy puts things in perspective, enough so to shut up anyone that is still complaining about the cost of Virtual Console games. I know we want all the games we can get our hands on for as little cash as possible, but the thing is, if there is no cost at all, we'll be playing Flappy Bird clones for free for years to come. In the video below, I enjoyed the fact that he did the homework to prove how much we are saving if we decided to buy every single VC game available, about 75% cheaper than you can get anywhere else legally. 

Nintendo is not completely innocent here, and maybe it all goes back to the fact that they are a little behind in the online space. It seems to be a small sting when we have to repurchase the games over and over on each console and handheld just because there is no crossplay on Nintendo systems, something of which you can find on other non-Nintendo consoles. In a perfect world, we would be able to buy a game like Chrono Trigger for $8, and be able to play it on our Wii U or 3DS, instead of paying $16 to play on each. If you do the math again from the aforementioned entire VC library example, you are still saving 50% from the retail versions that you can only play on one console anyway, but you know, we like to complain.

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