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Franchise Reboots That Can Make Wii U Irresistible

Posted by Streex on August 3, 2014 at 1:10 AM

You may have heard it before that Nintendo does best when their back is against the wall. While Nintendo may not be in the worst of situations, there is a situation at hand, and that's making the Wii U the most attractive console on the market. It was easy with the Wii. A groundbreaking motion control scheme that spread by word of mouth like a wild fire. Unfortunately, a new controller with a touch screen isn't going to grab that same attention, so what must be done?

Bring on the games that people once enjoyed when they were younger, in a brand new HD adventure! I'm talking about franchises like StarTropics, Paperboy, Battletoads, Battle of Olympus, Maniac Mansion, EarthBound, F-Zero, Eternal Darkness, RC Pro-Am, Wave Race, Mappyland, Duck Hunt, and Mario Paint. And that's just the beginning! Some of these franchises aren't owned by Nintendo, but by all means third party devs, if you own the property, get on it if you want to make some money. Just make sure it's good. 

If we could get just two of these franchises reborn this generation, I would be a happy gamer, but the more games that come out that people remember from their youth, the better off the Wii U will be. I'm sure there are several franchises you guys and gals would love to see revived. Sound off if I missed one of your favorites.

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