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A second chance for those Zelda fans out there who wants to play this badly!

DSiWare: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition

I will say this. This is the only DSi game that I will say, this is one of the best DSi game out there I have ever played! It was fun, the gameplay was fun, the musics are awesome, the graphics are awesome, the levels are awesome, and everything else that are waaay to good to be true! Strongly a must have game and especially for Zelda fans out there! It cost free and I think you folks will have a great time playing this for hours and hours! Is there no one else to talk to right now?!


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Yes! If anyone missed this the first time it was available for free, now is the time to get it...again for free. It was a fun romp, and I can't think of a better DSiWare game either. DOWNLOAD!


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