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You know Nintendo your not gonna make any big bucks on something that suppose to be dead you know that right?

DSiWare: Fashion Tycoon, MY AQUARIUM: SEVEN OCEANS, Mysterious Stars: The Singer, ATV Quad Kings, and ATV Fever

Why is it Nintendo tries to me games on DSiWare when it needs to die just like the Wii did?


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Very weird. I'm not sure why they drop this many DSiWare games now. If only they gave us more while the DSi was the main system, this wouldn't happen. There is some good in this though.

ATV Fever, ATV Quad Kings, and Fashion Tycoon. All PASS.

My Aquarium: Seven Oceans goes beyond other fishing games in where you get to take the fish you catch home and manage an aquarium. The fish look surprising real for a DS game too. DOWNLOAD!

Mysterious Stars: The Singer caters to a younger crowd still learning their numbers with a unique storyline that has you help a singer realize their dreams. This might be perfect for my youngest. DOWNLOAD!


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