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What is it with these people and DSiWare that is now soo forgettable and yet they lazed their ass off by doing this over and over again! What about the Wii?! You never did the Wii ever again so that was out! Shouldn't the DSiWare be out as well? Cause if you ask me, I think you focus on more on 3DS Download and Wii U Download since you just shut down Wi-Fi connection we no longer play any games on the Wii and the DS so why the hell would you bother yourself trying to revive DSiWare over and over again and it's not going to happen?!

Nintendo............why are you making a fool out of yourself?! It's bad enough I keep on seeing shitty games especially here on the DSi persay! If you want to beat Sony and Microsoft pretty badly, you should focus more on the 3DS games and Wii U games now that there on the Nintendo Networ.............oooooh I get it! You want to put more DSiWare games because not only you have Nintendo Network but also the 3DS system (along with the shitty 2DS) which you want to keep on going for DSi games to revive as the good ol days! ........It could've worked if you want it that way until you said this.

*We would like to inform you that DS games are coming in the near future on the Wii U this year* And yet want to put in DSi games on the 3DS if you want to put DSi games on the Wii U?! Then what the hell is the point of that?! God Nintendo I sometimes cannot understand you for a reason that you are indeed losing your best people out there! It would litterally piss them off one by one! Why not focus on putting Nintendo 64 games on the Wii U hell what about GameCube games now when's that gonna come out?! Like I said, waste of their time! I'm sorry I overdid myself with this post! Here's the update today!

DSiWare: Mysterious Stars: The Samurai, Anne's Doll Studio: Lolita Collection, Anne's Doll Studio: Princess Collection, Anne's Doll Studio: Antique Collection, and ANONYMOUS NOTES CHAPTER 4 - FROM THE ABYSS -

ANONYMOUS NOTES CHAPTER 4 - FROM THE ABYSS -: It's fine game, I really don't care much.


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You should begin that with 'Dearest Nintendo,' and send it off to Mr. Fils-Aime! You sound more frustrated than I am, but I feel your pain. I think these companies think that this is the best way to reach the broadest market across whatever system we might own. Problem is, most of these are not worth the purchase.

Right off the bat, all  those Anne's Doll Studio games are a PASS. No male, female, adult, or child would find anything of value in those titles. 

Mysterious Stars: The Samurai will follow in the footsteps of the earlier Mysterious Stars game where you simply connect dots to advance the story. This, like the other, and the others that are sure to come, are good stuff for the younger crowd. DOWNLOAD!

Anonymous Notes Chapter 4 - From the Abyss is the next chapter in this dungeon crawling series that's not bad for 5 bucks. If you've picked up the first 3, might as well get this one. DOWNLOAD!


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