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Webisode 12: Shoot First and Forget About the Questions!
Posted by Streex on June 30, 2013 at 3:38 PM

Happy 1 year Anniversary to the Ninfest Nation Podcast! A whole year of podcasting goodness reaches full circle today on this special webisode. Before we get into the podcast proper we start the show off discussing the successful Castlevania Marathon we just put on raising donations for the Cure JM Foundation. Thank you again to all that watched and donated. This month we have poll results on which failed game system do you have the fondest memories of, reviews for No More Heroes for Wii and Pokemon HeartGold Version for DS, top 5 reasons retro games are better than today’s games, discussion on what defines a gamer as core or casual, a retro review on Super C for NES, and a king's portion of listener emails. One of the best webisodes ever! Thank you everyone and play on, player.

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Tags: Castlevania wii ds nes marathon no more heroes pokemon heartgold super c

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