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Webisode 21: OK Toads, Let's Get Even!
Posted by Streex on July 7, 2013 at 6:19 PM

After a month off, we are finally back with our first podcast of 2011. The 3DS is coming in March so there’s no question we need to touch on it, along with Sony’s announcement of the PSVita. Let the next portable war begin! This month we talk about the poll results on why aren’t you buying more new video games, game review on Final Fantasy V Advance for GameBoy Advance, top 5 fighting games, reveal how to vote for the Best of 2010 Ninfest Awards, retro review on Battletoads for NES, and your emails. Play on, Player.

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Tags: 3ds psvita sony final fantasy gameboy advance battletoads nes

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