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the adventures of gilligan's island
Webisode 33: Get Out Of That Tree And Stop Messing Around!!
Posted by Streex on July 29, 2013 at 2:33 PM

We're deep in the summer months which means gaming takes a bit of a backseat to fun in the sun. Regardless, there Streex and Triz find plenty to talk about that has been going on in the industry over the past month. Along with going over what we're playing, the news, and what games come out next month, we cover the poll results on how well you think the Wii U will sell compared to the Wii, game review on Rabbids Land for Wii U, top 5 things Nintendo should do to make Wii U more attractive, our experience at the Pikmin 3 event at GameStop, retro review on The Adventures of Gilligan's Island for NES, and an email.

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