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Webisode 34: Ninfest's Mainframe Was On The Blink
Posted by Streex on August 30, 2013 at 6:02 PM

Surprisingly large happenings in August this year as Disney Infinity rolls out and Nintendo announces the 2DS. We'll share how our Disney Infinity collections are shaping up and our opinions on what to think of this new 2DS handheld. Deep inside this podcast we share what we are playing, the news, games coming out next month, poll results on which system is your favorite, game review on The Amazing Spider-Man for Wii U, top 5 sequels we want to see on Wii U, the current top 10 selling games, retro review on Bazooka Blitzkrieg for Super NES, and your emails. Also a very special thanks to you guys for helping Ninfest reach over 200,000 views on YouTube! A truly awesome milestone. Play on, Players.

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Tags: Nintendo amazing spiderman wii u super nes disney infinity 2ds bazooka blitzkrieg bandai activision

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