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Webisode 32: E3 Throwdown
Posted by Streex on December 29, 2010 at 2:14 AM

After a year of silence, the Ninfest Nation Podcast makes a triumphant return! Streex and Triz getting back to podcasting is like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird coming out of retirement. This webisode is all about E3 and lots of opinions on which presentations were the best...and worst. Before getting into the main course, a little time is spent on what games we've been currently playing and wrap up the show with some impressions of the Best Buy E3 Nintendo Experience. Lots of time is spent talking about other consoles in this webisode but we promise to get back to talking 100% Nintendo on next month's podcast. Enjoy the show and play on, Player.

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Tags: E3 konami microsoft ea ubisoft sony nintendo best buy

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