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Webisode 16: Explodes In Back-to-Back Robot Battle
Posted by Streex on September 3, 2011 at 8:16 PM

The Wii Games Summer 2010 is underway and although we missed our chance to take Ninfest to the top of the charts, you can prove to the world what kind of game skills you have. We’ll give you a look at what to expect at the event along with all the cool prizes and freebies you can go home with even if you lose. This month we talk about the poll results on how many of the main Pokemon series games you have owned and if you own a Xbox 360, review on Wii Sports Resort for Wii, top 5 peripherals, retro review on Mega Man 3 for NES, and your emails. Play on, Player.

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Tags: Wii pokemon xbox 360 wii sports resort nes peripherals mega man 3

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