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Ninfest was born January 24, 2009 with a strong focus on creating a community that fans of Nintendo can come together to share and discuss anything our favorite company reveals. From retro to recent, everything holds value over the decades of great consoles and games. We're always excited to meet new Nintendo fans from all walks of life because you as a gamer are just as important as the games you play. Sign up today and welcome to the Ninfest Nation!


Streex (mike lesueur)
webmaster, editor
As much as Streex loves Nintendo, his roots go deeper. When he was 6, he first started gaming on his Dad's Apple 2c, but his first console was an Atari 7800. He enjoyed many games on it but when he realized all his friends has a NES, it was time to upgrade. Once he was given a NES, he never looked back. He currently owns all the home consoles from Nintendo, including the Virtual Boy (which he claims owned before anyone else in America), and an Atari 7800. When it comes to portables, he has all the GameBoy Advance models minus the Micro, all the DS models minus the XL, and the 3DS. His favorite console is the GameCube because it brought him back to gaming. The last two years of the Nintendo 64 era Streex was more focused on partying than gaming. When the GameCube finally launched, the hype surrounding the new console prompted him to wait in front of a K-Mart to get one of the first consoles launch day. Some of the toughest games he has beaten include Ninja Gaiden, Battletoads, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, and F-Zero GX. He entered the 1991 Blockbuster Videogame Championship and placed 3rd at his location and won the 2nd place prize in a Street Fighter tournament at his local arcade. Recently he became the first person to win a Your Shape online event in November for Wii U. He is a diehard Nintendo fan at heart and will continue to be until his fingers fall off, goes blind, or dies.

Triz (donny boggs)
editor, podcast cohost
If you want to know the true definition of a gamer, look no further than Triz. He has been gaming since the NES and has owned pretty much every successful console. Currently he owns a Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, DSi, 3DS, PSP, and PSVita. His favorite console of all time is the Xbox 360 mostly for its robust online features and HD graphics. His countless hours spent gaming has led to some impressive feats. He has beaten the ever difficult NES title Milon's Secret Castle and ranked #1 in the world on the Mech Assault leader boards for the Xbox, to name just a few. He has been a firm supporter of Ninfest providing breaking industry news tips, website content suggestions and participating in intelligent discussions on the Ninfest website, forums and facebook page. If you want to hear more from Triz, listen to a monthly podcast episode or watch the 24 hour marathon we put on once a year.


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