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my little restaurant

Gamers on the fence about which time management sim to try this could probably be passed on.

Qubic games offers us its take on the time management restaurant sim. This genre has been heavily saturated, mainly being played on cell phones and ipods. Nevertheless, we have one here for our DSi and DSi XLs.

The title screen, and the animations leading up to it, are a little basic, certainly generic. I found it interesting that you could choose to be a boy or girl waitress. And that's how it begins. Your uncle asks you to come work in his restaurant, because you show extreme lack of insight. As you progress through the levels, things become increasingly complex (ie, delivering water, playing music to comfort). As you can imagine chaos ensues and when I play this game a lot of people starve.

I had some trouble with the sensitivity of the touch screen. Many times I would drag a group to a certain table, and if I was dead on accurate, it would send them back to the line. This was, as you can imagine, a damning problem because once things get crazy it really hampered my sense of initiative. As in... I got frustrated a lot.

I fought my way through 3rd level and after "American" themes and "Japanese" as well, I just couldn't get into this title. There was no solid mechanic or even gimmick that stuck out or was interesting.

For fans of this genre, it may be worth a peak. But for gamers on the fence about which time management sim to try (or just trying to waste some DSi points in general) this could probably be passed on.

Review by zatOMG


+ Complex gameplay


- Generic, basic animations
- Poor touchscreen integration

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