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lego city undercover

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With the Wii U struggling both financially and title-wise, this gamer was on the cusp of defeat. "No games!" we all cried. And while we were crying the folks at TT games were slaving away on what I consider to be their masterpiece. That game is Lego City Undercover, a Wii U exclusive published by Nintendo themselves.

The first thing players will notice, unfortunately, are the extremely long load times. Be not afraid. The wait is worth it. As soon as the loading is finished (and with it the super catchy theme song) you are plunged into a Lego game unlike all its predecessors. The story is fully voice acted, and done VERY well. The main character, Chase Mccain, sounds an awful lot like Zap Brannigan from Futurama to me. Close, but no cigar. Joseph May is the voice actor, and he does a brilliant job. He's been in Resident Evil the movie, Battlefield 3, and many others. The rest of the cast deserve props, too. Especially Mr. Frank Honey! The dialogue is brilliant, and provides laughs for all ages.

The initial set of missions are obvious fetch quests getting you used to the controls. Once they are over, you get free reign to scour the city however you see fit! Start a mission? Sure! Search for secret treasures? Go for it! There are tons of collectibles, including disguises, vehicles, red bricks (which contain various upgrades for various features), and more! The game is truly bubbling to the brim with things to do. Players will spend roughly 20 hours on the story, with plenty more hours of sidequests. 

The graphics are simple, but polished. Everything shines, and collision detection is much better than in previous games in the Lego series. The character designs are great, and coupled with the voice acting they really are memorable.

I have some mixed emotions on the combat. It is extremely basic, and sometimes the bad guys just keep coming. This doesn't add to the challenge, but it does add to frustrations. A few timed hit button presses go unnoticed, but it really doesn't hold the game back, as it is not a main focus of the game.

Among other complaints on the internet, the loudest is the omission of multiplayer. Comparisons arise in this field to the GTA series. Obviously, they had multiplayer. In this reviewers opinion, if the addition of multiplayer detracts from the main game it is not a worthy one. This game's story and mechanics are not exactly multi-user friendly. It is an unnecessary addition that really doesn't harm the game in any way.

Everything in Lego City Undercover screams passion. The team really wanted to impress Wii U owners, and they have left this one mouth-gaped open! With all the quests, the open world, and the memorable characters, this game is hands down the best reason to own a Wii U as of now. Try this game NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by zatOMG


+ Giant World
+ Intuitive controls
+ Hilarious story/dialogue/character
+ Game length
+ Voice acting is superb


- Long load times
- Basic combat

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